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Hi There and Welcome to My Site!

I’m Jennifer and I was born and raised in a small town in Texas. Ever since I was young, I’ve had supernatural experiences like hearing my name called, witnessing apparitions, and seeing things float in mid-air. Unclear about what was happening, I was often terrified.

Eventually, I confided in my mother and grandmother and used my school library to research everything I could about ghosts, the paranormal, and how to communicate with the afterlife. I would watch famous psychic mediums on tv and, at the age of 12, bought my first tarot deck.

Over the years, my interest grew so I got personal readings and took different classes to learn how to become a psychic medium and how to connect to someone who passed away. I set out to offer my services to those in need and found a lot of fulfillment in seeing people heal emotional wounds and find peace after connecting to their loved ones in the afterlife.

Although I never meant to become a professional or real psychic medium, my husband’s encouragement and that of the many people I helped before inspired me to offer my services to anyone around the world. I truly understand how important it is for people to connect to loved ones that they lost, especially if it happened unexpectedly.

To date, I have delivered thousands of messages to clients worldwide, and I believe that it’s my true calling to bring hope and healing to those in need. Connecting to God and Spirit is a blessing I am thankful for every day. I thank you for your trust in choosing me to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife and I’m looking forward to helping you find the answers you so desperately seek.

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